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STEMginery Kickstarter update day 5

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Today was a good day . I took it easy regarding the Kickstarter because the house really needed some attention. Yet pledges kept coming, and some supporters are raising theirs. Of course a Kickstarter is a serious business proposition, but the feeling of community is strong – it’s not just a plain mercantile exchange.

It is well known that Kickstarters tend to slow down some after the first few days – no exception here, but having surpassed the goal by a nice round number of 256% already, slow is no reason to stress. Kicktraq still predicts us getting over $6,000. It would be nice, better advances possible in lowering costs, everybody benefits.

Extras: Wheels

I’ve been experimenting with axles and wheels and movement. This was something that was planned for the Solo, Advanced, and Ultimate sets. It works so well that I have decided to add 4 wheels to the Bridge (so instead of 50 pieces you get 54), and some to the others sets also. Which reminds me that I need to put some detail on what exactly is in each set. Let’s have that happen during this week.

What comes next:

We are very close to $2,000 in pledges.

At that moment we unlock quite a few goodies: the STEMginery 5 Platonic Solids ($4), built using coffee stirrers instead of soda straws, the Amazing Set Wingman ($152), the Geodesic Dome ($48), and the Handmade STEMinions ($31 each) – which are a limited set that I should get back to work on right away. You can add any of these to your current pledge.

I am particularly happy about the Solids. Very inexpensive, actually it’s the laser time that is the highest cost. So far coffee stirrers from several places have worked fine, besides the 5,000 that I had purchased for $17  recently. They work so well that I am liberating the design right now. That’s the prize you get for reading this far!

The file is SVG – get it here – it canCc-by-sa_small be imported to most any software used for laser cutters, as far as I know. Might need tweaking (our Universal laser uses Corel, and it’s finicky about exactly using the right Red and thickness). You can tell me about your experiences and needs in the Comments section in the STEMginery Kickstarter page. Released as CC by-sa Yama Ploskonka 2014

OK, next will be to upload the instructions… They are sort of ready, if you watch the video you see the STEMinions building the Platonic Solids, which themselves are portrayed several times.

International Shipping

We have quite a few backers from overseas. Most represented so far are France and Australia. I want your pledge to do the most good. Since shipping is VERY expensive. I am researching ways to lower it. It probably will be easiest to improve things with Europe, but I haven’t given up on the others.