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The C60 Bucky-ball

The Kickstarter!

 c60_soccerThe C60 Bucky-ball

The C60 buckminsterfullerene model, a.k.a. geodesic truncated icosahedron happens to be also the design of the traditional soccer ball.

You can already purchase the connectors for $3.50, shipping included anywhere in the world.
Or cut your own, using the free design. You can even sell those! it’s CC-by-sa!

Just use plain coffee stirrers to build the 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons.
Design for build and for the connectors is CC-by-sa Yama Ploskonka 2014


to build a model of the C60 buckminsterfullerene, you will need:

  • 60 120-degree connectors. Buy them here
  • 100 coffee stirrers. If you want your Bucky ball to be 2-color, get 60 of one color (black in the example) and 40 of another (white in the example). The project might be rather large unless you cut the stirrers. All stirrers must be the same length. When using more than one color, you may want to check that they have the same “give”. Otherwise, if some are more rigid they will distort your pseudo-sphere


  1. connect one black stirrer to one connector – repeat 59 times
  2. form a pentagon, by connecting 5 stirrer-connector pairs end to end. Repeat 11 times
  3. Connect one white stirrer to the end of each free connector in one of the pentagons – that will be 5 stirrers. Repeat with one other pentagon. One of these pentagons will be the base, the other the top.
  4. Connect one white stirrer to the end of one connector in another pentagon. Repeat 2 times, in adjoining connectors. That will be 3 stirrers. Repeat with all other pentagons, to a total of 30 stirrers
  5. Connect one of the free connectors to the end of a stirrer attached to the Base pentagon (one of those with 5 stirrers). Repeat with 4 more pentagons.
  6. Do the same with the Top pentagon. That will be 5 pentagons
  7. In each section, Base and Top, connect the pentagons to the corresponding neighbor, using the closest stirrer to each
  8. Attach Base and Top sections

Let me catch some Zs and I will add pictures for a step-by-step later



#Geodesic #Domes

Geodesic domes are some of the strongest structures ever, and a very good start for understanding some of the basics and some of the fancy of engineering, and of science, math, technology…

plus, they are quite fun and really useful.
I have been working on a 19-foot geodesic dome, as a proof of concept of a habitable structure built with STEMginery parts. All the parts, believe it or not, fit inside the a Priority Mail Flat Rate box. $15 to ship a 19-foot structure anywhere in the States!

2v.3v geodome – STEMginery connectors, color straws – 6 foot diameter. 555 straws, 9 kinds
with Tim, our Director of Facilities @ATX Hackerspace. A great professional and friend who volunteers his time to keep our systems running. Both pictures by Clio Dunn, another outstanding member of ATXHS, our volunteer Head of PR

Here I am enjoying making a smallish one, just 6 feet wide.