Doesn’t this product already exist? a couple times over?

well, yes, no, maybe. A few links:

There are quite a few more.

There are 3D printed connectors in Instructables, free to copy.

Search “straw construction” and “straw building” on Amazon.

A deeper search will reveal even more.

Main differences:

  1.   STEMginery has a solid STEM learning mission – so does Cochrane’s. All others seem to be “toys”. STEMginery is more than anything a learning tool.
    It does matter. Even though it can be used even as a competitive game, STEMginery’s focus is not play but to build life and pre-professional skills, based on individual giftings. Yes, it can be a toy, just like I guess a book can be a toy? STEMginery is real, serious stuff. Kids can understand that, and it is important that they do – that principle is how good montessori and homeschooling environments remain safe and effective.
  2. STEMginery is the cheapest.
    And also CC (yes, nc for now, sorry, but hope we can fix that later). Except a few Instructables and Thingiverse, that is uncommon. Strawbees had said they would CC their stuff, it hasn’t happened yet.
    So, people can cut their own STEMginery, if they have the tools, or buy them from me, at bigger bang-for-the buck that any other.

  3. Strawbees is the most versatile in terms of angles, true. But you have to set those angles, which requires some dexterity. STEMginery is solid, with preset angles which make it much easier to get something done (meaning more inclusive in terms of age and skill). Just snap together. Parts are small enough that you can build huge complex objects without the connectors getting in the way (like the 10 ft Eiffel Tower – takes over 2,000 connectors!)

  4. One area where all other products have an advantage is in having their name pronounced STEMginery, alas, suffers from confusing people as to how to pronounce it 😉


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