What your $1 is for

STEMginerylogoI need your help – one dollar.

More than anything, please, please please, tell your friends and help us get one dollar from each one of them.

I want to reduce costs in making STEMginery. I need your help to make the first day of the Kickstarter extraordinary, hopefully on or about June 4.

STEMginery is a set of learning tconstructing01ools to build structures – anything from basic shapes that a very young child can build and learn from, up to very complex assemblies like a DNA model or major engineering trusses.DSCF0973

Follows lots of information. If busy, just get ready to give one dollar to STEMginery’s Kickstarter – all you need is to be able to pay $1 through Amazon. And, of course, tell eveDSCF0973ryone! That helps a lot, ebridgeven if you cannot use Amazon.DSCF0973DSCF0973

What and Wherefore

Meant to be a learning resource that many a child, youth or adult will enjoy exploring, STEMginery even can be played as a competitive game with friends and family.

The fact that it is cheap – and I want it to be even cheaper – makes STEMginery available to pretty much anyone who can enjoy or learn by using it.

Proverbs 22:6
Proverbs 22:6

I do not expect STEMginery to be the educational solution to the STEM needs of the nation (blog post with video of President Obama) – I will be well satisfied if it helps those kids that need construction and building as part of their Path, those kids that otherwise would either be limited to very expensive alternatives, or to nothing. So far I focus in homeschoolers and independent learners (link to my Etsy shop), though I will be happy when established schools see how STEMginery can help in their efforts.

Why $1? Why June 4?

kickstarter-logo-lightOf course I will take more than one dollar, really.
In Kickstarter you can contribute any sum – one dollar is simply the minimum. Please don’t feel that you have to put in more than one dollar.

Yet, please do feel obligated, for friendship and old times sake, to help me with just that one dollar, if with nothing else. (remember, helping me get the word out is also very important, but your dollar is essential)

June 4 (or thereabouts – I am waiting for their approval) is because it is very important in Kickstarter to have a dynamic, strong start. Lots of people coming showing up on the very first day, even better in the very first hour which would be starting right at 10 am.

Beyond the Goal

Several friends windmilland family have assured me already that their contributions will reach the basic goal, set at $650, though that may take several days.

Then, why do I want even more?

It works this way: STEMginery is the very best thing I’ve ever done, the best idea that I have ever been Gifted. You know me maybe as a teacher, hopefully a good one, or a hacker, or as a cook. Well, this is better than the best class I could ever give on sous-vide with a home toaster oven…


This Kickstarter will put STEMginery in more hands, hands that can use it.

Sure, that 3D printer patent I have pending might be worth a billion dollars, though it is unlikely I will ever see a cent of that.

Instead, STEMginery is a Good Thing. Good in the sense of ἀρετή of 2 Peter 1:5 and Philippians 4:8, or of Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – ἀρετή is in many places! as it should be.

STEMginegeodome03ry is truly something new and better in terms of a construction toy / learning tool. LEGO is great – but it is expensive, and limited to square shapes – can’t do chemistry models easily, though with some of you I tried (and had much fun! It would have been so much better that we had STEMginery!). Erector/Meccano is maybe even better than LEGO, but it is really expensive!

STEMginery is quality, can be used to build even real-life structures or pretty much anything, , and it is also cheap!

Even free!

My goal is not the money that I will make from it, though that would be nice… What I really want to achieve is STEMginery reaching the many that can really benefit from it, even if that doesn’t profit me directly

I care enormously for STEMginery to be very affordable, because I do know for a fact how important it is to have the best learning tools – I saw that both as a learner and as a teacher. Cost has a lot to do with what you can actually have… Your help will make STEMginery be very, very cheap – so much that packaging and shipping will be the main limit. This is why I am offering the designs to be used for free, so even more people can get STEMginery even if they did not pay me for it.

Next steps

You will domeArminaget an email shortly before the Launch, with a link to the project’s draft page. Meanwhile, if you want, do contact me – ATXinventor at that g mail service. I would like to hear from y’all!

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