STEMginery is pre-pre-Kickstarter!

kickstarter-logo-lightI am planning for a Kickstarter for  STEMginery on June 4, 10 am.
pending: get Kickstarter’s approval to the draft, submitted yesterday. It appears it takes several days to even get a response, and sometimes even longer if they dislike something.

DIEimageThe Goal is very modest: $650, with the intent of using that for a die-punching rig. Currently I manufacture STEMginery connectors using the ATX Hackerspace laser cutter. The average cost per connector is somewhere around 6¢, where laser time is about 85% of the cost. Die punching (not a bad name for a movie) would reduce the cost to somewhere between 1¢ and 2¢, and expand possibilities for using other materials, for example ABS plastic.


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