Do you want a Guinness World Record? (Austin TX only, sorry)

guinnessBetween one thing and another I came upon an official “largest…” Guinness World Record[1] which happens to be currently at 14 feet. I know we can reach 20 feet easy.

So now I am looking for a local school, Scout group, homeschooler coop, church youth group or other youth group that would care to set the 2014 Guinness World Record in that particular record title.

Why get a record?

Uh, why not? I mean, isn’t that the coolest thing, to be, on official record, the “mostest” at something in this 7 billion people and change world?

OK, let’s be practical.

  1. I am sure any organization, club, business, can benefit from some good PR, visibility, press, media
  2. Besides being known as the best in the world at something, even if that something is somewhat silly (and this one is not that silly), said club or school could probably benefit from a fundraising opportunity
  3. hopefully, that group also has a community-oriented mission, and a significant intake of funds could mean being better able to do it.

So, what is that record you want us to attempt?

Ha! not so fast. For one thing, if I put it in a public blog like this one, what I have in mind is so easy that anyone would take it. And I’d rather be you, dear reader, than anyone else. So, we’ll keep thisĀ  between ourselves for a while at least, OK?

A couple details that might make it easier for you to become more interested, or maybe opt out: it is something faith-based, Christian to be precise. It has a strong STEM connection – which is related to my business. It can be achieved by a team of about a dozen kids in maybe a few days, between practice and final execution, but needs a preparation time of about two months. It will cost about $200 in materials, though the way I see it, it will be a way for your group to do a successful fundraiser of several thousand with not much effort.

What happens next?

There are several conditions I have set. See if you fit. If you do, then email me. Hopefully the conditions are just hard enough that only one group, the right one, that is, yours, contacts me.

  • Must be local – I am in Austin. Say no more than 20 miles from 78757. I will be volunteering many hours of my time, let’s not make it too hard on me.
  • Your grown-ups must be 100% supporting you wanting to get a record. Since I will only communicate with them, that becomes a practical necessity besides a good thing in general.
  • Besides at least two grown-ups solidly supporting this and very good at using email, from your side the thing must be youth-led. This is kids achieving the record, with some help, but substantially by themselves.
  • Must have access to a gym or other such enclosed, large space. While the final attempt will be in an open field with TV cameras and public, practice and success must have been achieved before, and, as I said, this is about 20 feet in size. You will need access to that gym for about a total of 5 days, maybe one single week.
  • Must have or feel able to have a solid service mission, ideally among the international refugees that now call Austin home, but not necessarily. As an example, be able to start or support members of that population to join the BSA.
  • Must feel comfortable and ready to dedicate the necessary time in contacting prospective supporters that would participate of the record attempt by donating money to your group and to the non profit mission you do. This part is the one that will take about two months and will need several hours per week for your whole team!
  • Needs to become familiar with how this works from the side of the Guinness people, like by following this link
  • Must get going now. It takes over 10 weeks to Guinness to recognize a record, unless you pay a lot of money. This means we must be done and wrapped up by September at the latest – that means working hard over the Summer, which is great as there is no homework to serve as an excuse for not doing this right, yes? By July we are in full movement building interest and supporters, and we do it and get it in by September.
    Let’s say it takes me one month to find the right group to partner with, and that’s it for 2014…
  • I am generous of my time and knowledge. I prefer working with people that are that way also. Before writing to me you must send this on to at least 5 other people who could participate, but would not have found out unless you gave them the chance.

Why are you doing this?

It is good advertisement for my company, Also, when I was a kid I wanted to have a Guinness World Record. Maybe some kid wants that, and I can help that become possible. More than anything, what we achieve might be of some use to the refugees in Austin. Very little is being done for them by most youth groups, and I feel that can change for the better.


[1] Guinness, the logo, etc., are trademarks, copyrighted properties, etc. Pictured here without implying any endorsement.

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