#Geodesic #Domes

Geodesic domes are some of the strongest structures ever, and a very good start for understanding some of the basics and some of the fancy of engineering, and of science, math, technology…

plus, they are quite fun and really useful.
I have been working on a 19-foot geodesic dome, as a proof of concept of a habitable structure built with STEMginery parts. All the parts, believe it or not, fit inside the a Priority Mail Flat Rate box. $15 to ship a 19-foot structure anywhere in the States!

2v.3v geodome – STEMginery connectors, color straws – 6 foot diameter. 555 straws, 9 kinds
with Tim, our Director of Facilities @ATX Hackerspace. A great professional and friend who volunteers his time to keep our systems running. Both pictures by Clio Dunn, another outstanding member of ATXHS, our volunteer Head of PR

Here I am enjoying making a smallish one, just 6 feet wide.

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